Chicken & Goat Cheese SkilletTry this quick and easy goat cheese skillet that is sure to melt away those winter blues. We made this dish with organic chicken and substituted rice for riced cauliflower to make for a healthy keto-friendly meal.
Game Day Beer ChiliWarm up with this hearty beer chili. It's so delicious, we can't give it enough praise! We've adapted this recipe from How Sweet Eats with all natural ingredients, grass fed beef and out favorite locally brewed Stout. Shop at Discount Health Foods and gather the finest natural, organic and gourmet ingredients for all of your fall cooking needs.
How to Make Your Own Custom DIY Body ScrubAs someone who is well versed in the world of green beauty with clean ingredients and no stranger to homemade products, I can think up more than a few dozen recipes for making your own DIY body scrub. A simple internet search will also give you more than enough recipes for homemade body scrubs and DIY body exfoliators. So instead of giving you even more body scrub recipes, I decided I would do a post that breaks down what you need to know to customize your own natural body scrub. Once you read this post you should be able to whip up a simple body scrub using ingredients you probably already have at home.
Paleo Almond Joy FudgesiclesThese fudgesicles are sooooo creamy, chocolatey, and flavorful, you would have NO idea that they are dairy-free AND paleo friendly. Not to mention, the primary ingredient…is avocado!
Dark Chocolate Coconut Brownie BitesThese Dark Chocolate Coconut Brownie Bites are made with just dates, almonds, walnuts, cocoa powder, and unsweetened coconut and they taste just like brownie bites!
Adaptogenic Hazelnut LattéThis hazelnut latté contains ashwagandha (great at balancing thyroid function and boosting the immune system), pine pollen (a complete protein, great for libido and hormone regulation) and maca (great for enhancing mood and boosting energy). This is one of my absolute favourite things to drink in the morning. This little elixir is not only a health powerhouse, it tastes absolutely heavenly. A delicious way to get your body ready to face the day.
Pink Moon Milk (a dreamy sleep tonic)I’ve been drinking this soul soothing Pink Moon Milk for the last few weeks. I love that this recipe falls into the category of “I’m-delicious-but-also-medicinal”, and is very easy to make.
Goldern Turmeric Coconut Cauliflower SoupThis creamy, golden milk inspired soup is designed to be low carb friendly, vegan, and easy to make while still being beautiful, life-giving, and delicious. Here at Local Milk, we believe you don't have to choose between your pleasure and your health. And this soup is a testament to that. It's a great way to get your daily turmeric supplement in, yet sophisticated enough to serve at a dinner party.
Roasted Tomato & Scallion Tart With A Whole Wheat Cheese CrustThis tart is good warm, room temperature, or cold and would make excellent picnic fare for the upcoming Fourth of July. The crust tastes like an excellent cheese cracker, and the tomatoes are intensely jammy. The whole thing is simple to make and involves little more than mixing cheese, flour, and butter; patting it into a tart or pie pan, and filling it with fresh tomatoes. It bakes for slowly for an hour allowing the crust to get golden & crispy and the tomatoes caramelize.
ADAPTOGEN COCONUT CACAO BLISS BALLSThe glow inducing cousin of the chocolate truffle, these adaptogen coconut cacao bliss balls are an awesome use for leftover coconut pulp from making coconut milk. These addictive, rich bites will fuel you through a busy day, and while they taste indulgent, they're packed with high quality fat, protein, and healing herbs.
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