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How to Make Your Own Custom DIY Body Scrub

Yields1 ServingPrep Time15 mins

As someone who is well versed in the world of green beauty with clean ingredients and no stranger to homemade products, I can think up more than a few dozen recipes for making your own DIY body scrub. A simple internet search will also give you more than enough recipes for homemade body scrubs and DIY body exfoliators. So instead of giving you even more body scrub recipes, I decided I would do a post that breaks down what you need to know to customize your own natural body scrub. Once you read this post you should be able to whip up a simple body scrub using ingredients you probably already have at home.

 1 cup base exfoliant mixture
 2 tbsp bonus ingredients
 5-15 drops essential oil (optional)
 carrier oil or water as desired

Start by preparing a 1 cup mixture of your favorite Base Exfoliating Ingredients.


Add bonus ingredients to give your DIY body scrub a boost. Make sure it’s dried and ground to a smooth powder using either a spice grinder or coffee grinder.


Add between 5-15 drops per cup of DIY exfoliator depending on how strong you want the scent.


Add carrier oil or water to the mix. The key is to add just enough oil or liquid to make it easy to spread but not so much that it takes away the exfoliation effect. It should be a paste-like consistency.


Store for use.