Paleo Almond Joy FudgesiclesThese fudgesicles are sooooo creamy, chocolatey, and flavorful, you would have NO idea that they are dairy-free AND paleo friendly. Not to mention, the primary ingredient…is avocado!
Adaptogenic Hazelnut LattéThis hazelnut latté contains ashwagandha (great at balancing thyroid function and boosting the immune system), pine pollen (a complete protein, great for libido and hormone regulation) and maca (great for enhancing mood and boosting energy). This is one of my absolute favourite things to drink in the morning. This little elixir is not only a health powerhouse, it tastes absolutely heavenly. A delicious way to get your body ready to face the day.
CHICKPEA + VEGGIE MOROCCAN STEWIt’s one of those perfect one-pot dishes that comes together in 30-ish minutes, relies a lot on pantry goodies, and is super easy on the wallet. Triple win! Unlike the traditional tajine that simmers on a stove top, or bakes in a low oven for hours, this stew is a bit of a cheat, but is reminiscent of the original, with not as much fuss, making it suitable for any night of the week.